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Great Italian Food in Lexington Ave, NY

Great Italian Food in Lexington Ave, NY

New York City has one of the highest populations of Italian-Americans. Hence, it comes as no surprise that you can get the best Italian food in the city. Food and wine are key elements of Italian culture. It is also the most important part of an Italian restaurant along with great service and a clean and elegant décor. Italian cuisine is noted for its regional diversity and great variety. The foods of Italy share a few common features which make them so famous and appreciated all around the globe.

Some features that makes Italian Food Famous

Quality of the ingredients

Italian cuisine is based on the choice of fresh quality ingredients, which makes a difference in the taste, texture, and sight of the food. The ingredients, whether vegetables, fruit, oil, grains or wine, are produced according to strict safety guidelines. The production process is of high standard for both industrial and home-made traditional Italian food.


Another unique feature of Italian cuisine is its simplicity. Although, Italian recipes have only a few ingredients, they are delicious because fresh ingredients are used.


One reason why traditional Italian food is popular around the world is because it’s healthy. Olive oil is used more than butter and cream.


Each region has its own traditional dishes that have been handed down from generation to generation and now is served in restaurants as a culinary specialty.

Visit Lex Restaurant in Lexington Ave, NY

Come visit us and share in the excitement of eating wonderful food. Each dish from our selection of antipasti, hand-made pasta, risottos, gourmet seafood and premium quality meat is freshly and individually prepared to bring you true Italian dining. If you can’t make it to our restaurant we can deliver it to you with our amazing delivery service. Call us at 212-860-5903.

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