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Hosting a Group Party at a Restaurant

lexrestaurant Hosting a party in a restaurant is a great way to share good food, drinks, and conversations with friends, family or co-workers. It is less complicated and less stressful than hosting a big event at home. However, proper preparation is essential in order to make the event a success. You need to pick the right restaurant, keeping in mind the number of guests, the desired type of food, as well as the event you plan to celebrate.

How to prepare for the event

  1. Plan in advance
  2. Think about the type of group party you want to host, the theme, and the number of people you plan to invite. Decide what time you want to host your party—brunch, lunch, dinner,...

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Italian Restaurant on the Upper East Side

Lex Restaurant is located in the heart of the Upper East Side. Come on inside to experience the warm, elegant ambiance of the dining room. With a home away from home feel, shades of red, and touch of white elegance, this traditional Italian restaurant encompasses an inviting and intimate atmosphere. Having provided this exquisite fine-dining experience for over 14 years, Lex restaurant continues to be one of New York's finest Italian Restaurants.

From the Kitchen After countless hours in the kitchen perfecting every individual dish, our chefs have created a truly authentic Italian, fine-dining experience. Each dish from our selection of antipasti, hand-made pasta, risottos, gourmet seafoods, and premium quality meats is freshly and individually prepared to bring you a true Italian dining.

Come on in...

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